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Restored, renewed, revitalised: MF Turnbull

by Metropol January 17, 2019


Celebrating 30 years in business, MF Turnbull has earned its place as an iconic Christchurch business. Experts in paint, stain, polyurethane and polished finishes on furniture and joinery, there is very little in the home that Monique and Murray Turnbull and their team cannot regenerate.


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Update a tired kitchen: M F Turnbull

by Metropol June 24, 2020


For many of us, a stretch of time to reflect and plan was an unexpected addition to our year, a rare positive effect of our lockdown experience. With time on our hands, all to be spent in our homes, we were able to think about what we would like to change, and take the time to consider and research options.


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Making the old new: M.F. Turnbull 

by Metropol July 31, 2019


Why replace when you can reuse, recycle or restore? That approach is as true with kitchens and furniture as it is with other more obvious elements of our throwaway and acquisitive society. It is also the mantra and the fundamental philosophy of M.F. Turnbull, the specialists in making the old new again.


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Revitalising Your Most Used Space: M F Turnbull 

by Metropol April 15, 2019


Thirty-one years and counting – that’s how long M F Turnbull has been finishing furniture and joinery in Canterbury and beyond. With an expanded facility, Kitchen Renewal is a new division of M F Turnbull that specialises in refurbishing kitchens and furniture. No matter what the current finish of your kitchen, it can be repainted or refinished to a colour and look that you want. Even pre-finished boards such as melamine, despite the common belief that it can’t, can be refinished. 


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Transforming Kitchens

by Metropol February 4, 2020


While the iconic M.F. Turnbull has been the go-to destination for surfacing in Christchurch for more than 30 years now, ‘Turnbulls’ has always been ahead of the curve with its longstanding reuse, repair and recycle ethos.


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