Simple Care and Maintenance


It is most important that clear & paint lacquered surfaces be regularly cleaned.


Follow these simple rules:


  • Spillages should be wiped with a damp cloth as soon as practical to prevent possible impairment of the finish. Microfibre cloths are ideal for this.

  • Cleaning should be done using a soft damp cloth or for more stubborn dirt a mild solution of liquid detergent in warm water with a soft cloth should be sufficient. Ensure excess water is squeezed out to leave the cloth damp, and wipe all surfaces dry with a clean dry cloth.

  • Avoid using any strong solvent type cleaners or any abrasive type cleaners or cleaning materials. These could soften or scratch the lacquer surface.

  • We recommend you do not use furniture polishes or cleaners that contain Silicone as contamination may occur resulting in difficult repair methods. Do not use any abrasive type polishes.



By adhering to these simple rules the durability of the finish will be enhanced.
This information is supplied in conjunction with 'PPG' Paints.