People ask 'Why paint lacquer'?




Why paint lacquer kitchen doors – vanities – wardrobes – interior doors etc?

Over the years many different finishes have come out to imitate lacquering – but truly none have mastered it.




Any colour you desire.
Able to replicate the colour years down the track for repairs or renovations.


Lacquer versus Prefinished


Lacquered doors and drawer fronts are fully encompassed in a 2 pack coating this will keep out moisture.


Edges on prefinished boards can allow moisture to penetrate to the substrate which then expands and blows out.

Lacquered surfaces will only allow moisture in if chipping occurs but these can be simply repaired with touch-up paint provided with each job. Once touched up the surface is once again completely encompassed to prevent moisture getting in.


Recycling / Re-using Advantage


Kitchens from 15 – 20 years ago which were well designed and still function well can be repainted a modern colour. The addition of new appliances and small alterations by joiners can be done at the same time.

Well-designed kitchens, vanities and wardrobes will be easily removed for refinishing.


Refinishing Prefinished Doors -
Fortunately for those who have prefinished board kitchens and vanities we can give you the option to reuse and recycle as we can now spray a compatible coating over these so you too can have a fresh NEW look with a colour change.


Easy Care and Maintenance >>


Create a great first impression.


A Splash of colour with a coloured vanity front. Colour can be easily changed to create a new look in the future.


A lightly distressed blue over white lacquered finish gave the client the look they were after.